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Lil Crew Combo:​


A course that provides an introduction to dance & tumble for 2 – 3 year olds. It is designed to help build self-esteem, develop motor skills, body awareness, and provide group involvement.


The program encompasses rhythm, song and dance, hopping, skipping, jumping, right and left training, imagination and more. Creative movement provides a safe learning environment where it’s impossible to fail, providing constant positive reinforcement.

6-8 Combo:​



This class is great for the beginner to intermediate dancers.  Students get more advanced training in tap and jazz. The students will also be introduced to basic ballet. Each class is topped off with learning dance combinations to stimulate memory!

4-5 Combo:​



This class is full of energy and fun!  Your child will learn age appropriate tap, jazz, and tumbling all in the same class.  This class focuses on lots of movement, exercise, and the students have a great time doing it!

9- Teen Combo:​


This class is an excellent for any dancer 8-teen that doesn't want to compete. This class is a true variety class, The teacher will rotate styles and teach different combinations. This is a great class to prepare for high school dance teams!

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