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I want to try a class, what's next?
There is NOTHING you need to do prior to trying your free trial class. Please look at our schedule and pick out the class that your child would like to try. Arrive 10 minutes before the class starts and see the front desk. Tell them you are there for the first time. They will make sure to give you a tour and will have you sign a wavier. After the class the teacher will provide feedback to make sure that is the right class for your child. If you feel RECJ is the right studio for you we will help you with the enrollment process. 
How much are classes?
Our classes run $60 a month, exception is our 2-3 year lil crew class it runs $35. Our enrollment fee is $50. For competition pricing please call the studio. Check out our recreation page for more details. 
What do they need to wear?
Our Athletes wear leos and biker shorts. For first time students that do not have a Leo can wear comfortable workout attire. Leos are sold at the studio, Target, Walmart, Amazon & dance stores.
What shoes do they need?
Each class will require different shoes. For first time students we ask them to wear socks. During enrollment we will let you know what shoes your dancer will need and help you order them. 
Acro/tumbling- Acro shoes sold at the studio
Ballet- Pink Ballet shoes, sold at the studio
Combo Classes- tan Jazz or Ballet shoes & tan Tap shoes, sold at the studio
Hip Hop & Cheer- Tennis Shoes 
When Can I Join?
We have annual enrollment in August BUT you can join the RECJ rec program ANYTIME of the year. We are always taking new students. For competition teams please call the studio for more details

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