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Class Descriptions

When choosing a class it may be overwhelming as to which type is best for you or your child. You can review the different acro/dance styles below. Students are placed in class not only based on age but also considering their ability and dedication.



Tumbling teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and focus. This class is great for students at any level looking to enhance their agility, flexibility, and strength.  It is the perfect addition for any dancer ready to take their artistry to the next level.
Beginner level classes will focus strongly on stretching and flexibility and will start learning the basic tumbling movements to begin a foundation to learning more advanced tricks.

The beginner/intermediate class will be taking skills the students already know and expanding them to more difficult tricks such as front and back walkovers, scissors, and Arabians, and front and back hand springs.

Our advanced classes continue to build on the skills and strength acquired through the first two levels. This skill level encompasses cartwheel aerials, front walkover aerials, punch fronts, back tucks, layouts, half and full twists, and combination running front and back tricks.  The advanced tumbling class is by invitation only and has specific requirements. ​

Rec Cheer & Tumbling:​


Intro to cheer class will have a 45 minutes class once a week to learn cheer/dance motions, jumps, stunting, flexibility and workouts.  No competitions or performances.

  • Jump Approach

  • Seat Rolls and Transitions

  • Motion Introduction

  • Basic Cheer Dance

**a tumbling class is encouraged

4-5 Combo:​



This class is full of energy and fun!  Your child will learn age appropriate tap, jazz, and tumbling all in the same class.  This class focuses on lots of movement, exercise, and the students have a great time doing it!


Jazz dance concentrates on style, technique, formations, combined with the characteristic movements. Jazz dance training helps to develop or improve timing, speed, strength, agility, and coordination.


Ballet provides a strong, solid technical base for all other dance forms. Class begins with barre, working to perfect balance and placement, which leads into progressively more intricate center exercises.  Students are given classical ballet combinations and lyrical material.   Dress Code:  Black leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes hair in a bun.


The trampoline power tumbling consist  of power tumbling skills and aerial skills done on a trampoline tumbling track. It is a great supplement to your tumbling class.

Acro Basics &
Group Acro Gymnastics:​


Acrobatic gymnastics is a competitive gymnastics discipline where gymnasts work together performing acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling skills all choreographed to music. It consists of 3 types of routines, a balance routine, which focuses on strength & flexibility, a dynamic routine including throws, somersaults and catches, and a combined routine which has elements from both balance and dynamic routines.


In the recreational Group Acro class athletes will learn balance, co-ordination and agility skills. They will also build strength, flexibility, and power. This class will prepare them for the opportunity to pair up with another athlete to move to the Acro Pre-Team and then the Acro Team, where the opportunities are endless.



This class is an excellent addition for any athlete currently enrolled in a tumbling or competitive class.  Fitness Blast focuses on strength and endurance, builds coordination and agility.  Ideal for off-season or pre-season training for most sports. 

6-8 Combo:​



This class is great for the beginner to intermediate dancers.  Students get more advanced training in tap and jazz. The students will also be introduced to basic ballet. Each class is topped off with learning dance combinations to stimulate memory!



Tap is rhythmical sounds made by the feet, separate and clear, exact and timed on top of the beat.Focus is placed on proper form and technique.


(Previous three year ballet experience required) Class for the serious minded ballet student who wants to take ballet class to the next level. Pointe is described as a ballet position, in which the body is balanced on the extreme tip of the toe.

Tumble A:​

Beginning Tumbling Focusing on the basic fundamentals and stepping stones for all future tumbling. Children will learn forward rolls, how to drop and come up from a backbend, and so much more.

Tumble C:​

Intermediate Tumbling Focuses on further developing your tumbling skills! In this class you will work on Front/Back Walkovers, Handsprings, & Aerials!

Acrobatic Gymnastics:​


Introduce basic concepts of Acrobatic Gymnastics (Acro) such as learning a routine, working in a partnership, learning Acro skills, and improving floor tumbling.

To provide a more focused environment than the recreational classes for athletes who wish to try-out for team one day.

The Pre-Team Program includes ONE 45-minute Pre-Team class. Acrobatics Gymnastics Pre-Team is the best way for athletes to try Acro and improve their individual strength and flexibility. Our Pre-Team athletes have lots of fun working together to accomplish daily goals that teach the fundamentals of being on a Team.

Pre-Team is a great way for kids to be introduced to Acrobatic Gymnastics. Students are placed in a pair or trio combination. They learn elementary acrobatic compulsory skills which are then put into a choreographed routine to music. Pre-team is an excellent way for children to enjoy learning elementary acrobatics in a session format, without having to commit to the cost and time investment required by a full competitive season.​​

Lil Crew Combo:​


A course that provides an introduction to dance & tumble for 2 – 3 year olds. It is designed to help build self-esteem, develop motor skills, body awareness, and provide group involvement.


The program encompasses rhythm, song and dance, hopping, skipping, jumping, right and left training, imagination and more. Creative movement provides a safe learning environment where it’s impossible to fail, providing constant positive reinforcement.

9- Teen Combo:​


This class is an excellent for any dancer 8-teen that doesn't want to compete. This class is a true variety class, The teacher will rotate styles and teach different combinations. This is a great class to prepare for high school dance teams!


Is an expressive style of dance that abandons the rigid, centered aspect of classical forms of dance, and utilizes unconventional movements from styles around the world. It incorporates certain elements of ballet, modern dance, and jazz.

Hip Hop:​

This class revolves around hip-hop dynamics, yet concentrated on today’s video/pop style. The focus of this class comes from the combination of power, energy, style, face, and technique.

Tumble B:​

Beginning/Intermediate Tumbling Focuses on keeping strong fundamentals while building upon them with new skills. These classes focus on Front Limbers, Back Limbers, Rounds off, and more! 

Tumble D:​

This is Advanced Tumbling working on Round off Backhandspring Tucks, Pikes, Layouts. If it flips or twists this is the class for you. (Approval required to enroll)

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