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Acro Basics &
Group Acro Gymnastics:​


Acrobatic gymnastics is a competitive gymnastics discipline where gymnasts work together performing acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling skills all choreographed to music. It consists of 3 types of routines, a balance routine, which focuses on strength & flexibility, a dynamic routine including throws, somersaults and catches, and a combined routine which has elements from both balance and dynamic routines.


In the recreational Group Acro class athletes will learn balance, co-ordination and agility skills. They will also build strength, flexibility, and power. This class will prepare them for the opportunity to pair up with another athlete to move to the Acro Pre-Team and then the Acro Team, where the opportunities are endless.

Acrobatic Gymnastics:​


Introduce basic concepts of Acrobatic Gymnastics (Acro) such as learning a routine, working in a partnership, learning Acro skills, and improving floor tumbling.

To provide a more focused environment than the recreational classes for athletes who wish to try-out for team one day.

The Pre-Team Program includes ONE 45-minute Pre-Team class. Acrobatics Gymnastics Pre-Team is the best way for athletes to try Acro and improve their individual strength and flexibility. Our Pre-Team athletes have lots of fun working together to accomplish daily goals that teach the fundamentals of being on a Team.

Pre-Team is a great way for kids to be introduced to Acrobatic Gymnastics. Students are placed in a pair or trio combination. They learn elementary acrobatic compulsory skills which are then put into a choreographed routine to music. Pre-team is an excellent way for children to enjoy learning elementary acrobatics in a session format, without having to commit to the cost and time investment required by a full competitive season.​​

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