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Ronda's Elite & CJ Dance Crew Forum Rules

  1. Forum users must ensure they comply with the Forum Rules. By using of Ronda’s Elite | CJ Dance Crew forums you agree to be subject to these Forum Rules, and that you will keep up to date with them. Please inform us through if you see any content in breach of these rules.

  2. Ronda’s Elite | CJ Dance Crew moderators will remove posts and topics which are in breach of these rules. Users breaching the rules may be banned.

  3. Be polite and respectful to all forum users, including moderators. Bullying, aggression, nuisance behavior and discrimination will not be tolerated. Language must be professional and polite.

  4. Be aware that our forum users come from diverse backgrounds, with different cultures, languages, and legislation.

  5. Keep discussions on topic. Posts must be appropriate to the forum and the discussion. The Ronda’s Elite | CJ Dance Crew forums are for discussion of issues relevant to Acro, Dance and other Sports Gymnastics related to the Youth program at Ronda’s Elite & CJ Dance Crew.

  6. Messages must not contain any content which could be considered defamatory, offensive, illegal, obscene, deliberately provocative, or inflammatory.

  7. Your posting must be your own content. You must be truthful and factual, and opinions and unsubstantiated statements must be acknowledged as such. You must not mislead or misquote or attempt to impersonate or pose as another person when posting.

  8. You must not post complaints on the forums, particularly if identifying other users, the Ronda’s Elite | CJ Dance Crew team, or any other person or organization. If you see any breach of the rules, contact

  9. You may not post commercial advertisements of any kind, both existing businesses or an in-home side business that is operated out of your home. You may provide brief details of a service or product supplier in response to a question or other post, but this should be limited to contact details only. Likewise, spam and references to surveys, contests and so on are not permitted.

  10. Your forum profile is your responsibility to maintain. Your forum name must adhere to rules regarding posts with respect to professionalism and politeness.


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